2014-04-12 01:53:01 by Archewally

I'm starting to storyboard this new thing I want to make. It's gonna have characters, voices and maybe "jokes." Anyway, it's going to take a while for me (very long) to make, but I'm hoping I'll finish it someday. The reason I'm making a post about it, is that it might help me actually complete it. I'm not giving myself a deadline or anything, but maybe posting this will get me more motivated or whatever, you know? because I don't.

I also have a question for anyone who's ever uploaded a movie here: how long did it take you to make whatever it is you uploaded? Like, when did you start and finish or a rough estimate of time spent. Just wondering, you know? I'm sure most people work on things like these in their spare time like me. I work pretty slow though.



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