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Okay for a first movie. Hopefully the guy learned a lesson: check the time and schedule before killing time

Your current method is crippling to learning animation. The limits of not having proper software/hardware makes it less efficient and effective (obviously). So why not try different animation mediums, like pencil drawn or stop-motion? Just saying.

Any constructive criticism at this point is useless in my opinion. The way you learn principles of animation and motion is through experience, so keep at it :)

Pretty boring. This seems like something that's supposed to be funny, but it just wasn't. The music was too dramatic to take it as a joke (although it could have been used if the whole thing took a different approach), but it's hard to believe someone would actually take this seriously. This could have been funny, but it just isn't in this case

There are weird pauses in the animation itself and nothing seems to be timed right. My advice is, you don't have to make something linger for ten seconds to make it stand out. When he gets hit with the axe or whatever, the freeze frame is there for way too long. I get what you tried to do, but it was too slow paced. I took a quick look at your other movies and I see the same problem. Everything is stretched out with huge pauses, which makes everything slow and boring. So work on your pacing

Good thing someone frontpaged this just now, I forgot to favorite it when you put it up. Anyway, I just really love this. I don't really have an idea how to explain why I actually like it, but I guess all the humor is in the execution. The jpeg at the end was also a good joke, but I guess it didn't catch on well with others. Minus half a star because you didn't make a new one of these yet; hope these guys are making a come-back

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Pretty awesome game. Very nice puzzle platformer. I only dislike the theme - very generic game setting and unfitting music. The control and momentum are kind of weird sometimes, but overall the concept is interesting and the levels are a fun challenge I guess.

A really nice way to sum up the year, should be a tradition! What I really like is the art - it's very reminiscent of the original artists, but incorporates your style as well, and there's no difficulty in telling who's who. My favorite thing is that I get to see what I missed out on, but I knew most of them though :)

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Good to see some color in your work. This looks nicely done

jcarignan443 responds:

Thank you!

I'm not the one to talk, but I feel like the contrast is higher than you usually make it, not necessarily the saturation. The shadows look darker than your other work

kmau responds:

Hmm yeah this might be it, especially noticable on the white fur. Thanks! Sometimes it takes more than one set of eyes.

Haven't played the second one much, but there was the same cheat in AoE 1 - "bigdaddy." Nice one

I'm a petrified dunce just trying to make it in this world. Watch all of my submissions and rate five on each. I want more views and stars. Thanksbitch

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